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Kiser’s Orthotic and Prosthetic ServicesKiser’s Orthotic and Prosthetic Services, Inc. is a full service orthotic and prosthetic provider.

We provide state of the art orthotics and prosthetics in a timely cost effective manner. All within a safe, private, comfortable, accessible and caring atmosphere, where we put patient care first!

At Kiser’s Orthotic and Prosthetic Services, Inc. (KOPS), we've been providing professional, quality orthotic and prosthetic services in New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts since 1987.
Our Philosophy puts the patient first. We are committed to providing the finest orthotic and prosthetic care in a compassionate and friendly manner, and receive the personalized care they deserve.

Our Orthotists and Prosthetists, technicians and support personnel, take pride in designing, fabricating and fitting superior devices.

Kiser’s Orthotic and Prosthetic Services, Inc. maintains contracts with most major managed care organizations in our areas and is Medicare and Medicaid certified.

In addition, we service a wide variety of commercial insurances. Prospective patients can call their insurance customer service department to verify individual coverage, or we can assist with this process. We bill all insurance on behalf of the patient.

Keene NH Office
Monday - Friday / 8:30 – 5:30
KOPS Interior ReceptionSaturday and Sunday / Closed

Turners Fall MA Office
by Appointment

Contact Information
238 Church Street, Keene NH 03431
7 Burnham Street, Turners Falls, MA 01376
Phone (603) 357-7666


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Michael and Frances KiserKiser's Orthotic & Prosthetic Services, Inc. was founded by Michael Kiser CO and Frances Kiser CPO.... a husband and wife team dedicated to assisting the amputee and orthopedically challenged person to regain their normal life styles in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

We are located in Keene, New Hampshire and also in Turners Falls, Massachusetts. Both offices earned the highest certification available by The American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics located in Alexandria, VA.

In prosthetics KOPS utilizes the latest technologies like the MAS socket, Microprocessor knees such as the C-leg, and the Plie knee. We fit vacuum below knee sockets like the Harmony system. We also offer all energy storing feet. In upper extremity we fit myoelectric hands and elbows including rotators, and fit biceps cineplasty. We are iLimb certified.

In orthotics KOPS makes most orthosis on site in our full laboratory. We fit the Boston brace, Charleston Bending brace, and Providence brace for scoliosis. We fit Cascade DAFOs, Benik products, DMO (Dynamic Movement Orthosis), SPIO vests, TheraTogs, Stance phase knee joints, Arizona AFOs. We make custom foot orthotics for most foot conditions including plantar fasciitis and posterior tibialis deficiency. We make Ultra flex dynamic stretching orthosis to treat contractures.

Our main office is located in the picturesque Monadnock region of Keene, New Hampshire. Our building is one-story with no stairs or ramps to traverse, and there is ample parking directly at the front door. Plus, all hallways are six feet wide for easy wheelchair access. Our Turners Falls office is handy for the residents of the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. Both offices are convenient to Vermont residents and we provide service to hospitals in this tri-state area.

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Stability right when you need it!
C-LegWith the C-Leg® and Compact knees you can speed up, slow down, take on hills and go down stairs step-over-step.
You get unparalleled stability right when you need it—along with a secure, more natural gait.

How C-Leg technology works:
The revolutionary microprocessor that controls the C-Leg and Compact knees receives feedback from multiple sensors multiple times a second,allowing the knee to anticipate your next move and make adjustments in real-time. This keeps your knee stable when you need it, free-swinging when you step through—and always ready to support you if you stumble.

1 Pyramid Adapter
The pyramid adapter connects the C-Leg® or Compact to the prosthetic socket.
For people with knee disarticulation limb loss or those with especially long residual limbs, a threaded connector is also available.

2 Electronics
Algorithms based on thousands of gait cycles are built into our software.
The software considers the real‑time sensor data, and then establishes which phase of gait the user is in to determine the best resistance and setting.

3 Lithium-Ion Battery

Lithium-Ion battery provides users 40 – 45 hours of power.

4 Knee Angle Sensor
C-LegThe knee angle sensor constantly measures the flexion angle and the angular speed of the joint.
It supplies the microprocessor with necessary information for dynamic control during swing phase and stability during stance phase.

5 Hydraulic Cylinder
A linear hydraulic cylinder controls the motion of the C-Leg and Compact.
It generates the appropriate level of resistance for flexion and extension during stance and swing phase, giving the user the support they need, right when they need it.

6 Carbon Fiber Frame
To withstand the demands of everyday life, the frame is constructed from carbon fiber, making it lightweight and incredibly strong.
The frame houses and protects the electronics, the hydraulic unit and the battery.

7 Tube Adapter with Moment Sensor

A moment sensor located in the tube adapter measures ankle movement from heel-strike to toeoff and lets the microprocessor know just where the user is in the gait cycle.

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