Lower Extremity

Foot Orthotics FO custom molded

Semi Rigid

Semi rigid; Appropriate for sports, pronation, plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. It cups the heel utilizing your own natural padding arch support with lateral support to maintain your position on the orthotic.

Rigid Orthotics: Appropriate for the very heavy patient.


UCBL: Good for severe flatfoot, Pediatric flat foot, Mild Posterior tibialis tendon dysfunction.
(University of California Biomechanics Lab)

Diabetic accomodative Orthotic


Diabetic Accommodative Orthotics: Used distribute pressures over the whole foot.

Ankle Foot Orthosis Custom Molded AFO.

Supra Malleolus AFO: It gives additional medial lateral stability. It may be hinged or solid and is useful in pediatrics or adult posterior tibialis dysfunction.


 Posterior leaf spring AFO PLS:  Appropriate for drop foot it provides minimal resistance to Rolling the ankle.

Posterior leaf spring with lateral flange: In addition to the above it prevents the ankle from Rolling.

Solid ankle AFO: Can combat spasticity, help the toe to clear.
Prevents the Achilles tendon from tightening, and it provides some knee stability by restricting ankle motion.

Floor or ground reaction AFO:  Provides knee stability by restricting ankle motion aided with the long lever arm.


 Ultraflex dynamic stretching AFO:  Stretches out heel cord contractures using an adjustable Spring mechanism.

Articulated AFO

Articulated AFO:  This allows free or limited dorsiflexion while stopping plantar flexion. It can also provide dorsiflexion assist.


 Conventional metal and leather: This may be used by the brittle diabetics or post polio Patients who do not want a molded plastic AFO

CROW walker

 Crow Walker: Used primarily to immobilize a Charcot foot.

 Patella weight bearing Crow Walker.resized
Patella weight bearing Crow Walker: Used to de-weight and immobilize a Charcot foot

Arizona AFO

 Arizona AFO: Used to immobilize a severely arthritic foot and ankle.


Patella Tendon weight bearing AFO: Another method to de-weight a foot and ankle.

Toe Off AFO: This incredibly light weight and strong AFO is beneficial for MS, Partial foot amputees. It provides a functional push off.

Knee Orthosis KO

Post op KO

Post-op extended lever KO This KO has a long lever arm extending from just above the ankle to just below the groin for greater control of the knee. It is used post-op to limit the range of motion in the knee.

Sports Ligament Orthosis
Custom Made

CTi Custom 

CTi KO Utilized for anterior cruciate ligament, posterior cruciate ligament medial collateral ligament, and Lateral collateral ligament injuries.

Defiance Knee Brace

Don Joy Defiance KO Utilized for anterior cruciate ligament, posterior cruciate ligament medial collateral ligament, and Lateral collateral ligament injuries.


  Off the Shelf Custom fit
CTi OTS Utilized for anterior cruciate ligament, posterior cruciate ligament medial collateral ligament, and Lateral collateral ligament injuries.

Osteoarthritis Single compartment KO

Unloader OTS Osteoarthritis KO

Unloader 1 OTS  utilized for single compartment osteoarthritis

Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis KAFO
The KAFO is used to stabilize a knee that buckles in flexion, hyperextension, due to muscle weakness or mechanical instability.

Knee joints

Drop Lock Knee Joint

 The drop lock knee joint is a very stable and relatively trouble free knee joint. It requires some balance to operate the joint while standing. There is also a 180 degree extension stop.

Dial drop Lock Knee Joint

 Dial Lock Drop Lock Knee Joint By using a serrated disc, the Orthotist may increase or decrease the knee extension angle by 6° increments to accommodate knee flexion contractures. There is also a 180 degree extension stop.
Ratchet lock Knee Joint

 The ratchet knee joints lock automatically while standing as long as the lock mechanism is engaged. There is an audible clicking as progressive degrees of extension are achieved. Each joint is manually unlocked. There is a 180 degree extension stop.

Limited motion drop lock KJ

 The Limited Range of Motion Drop Lock Knee Joint Knee Joint allows 0 to 30 degrees of flexion with the drop lock engaged. With the drop lock disengaged it allows free flexion it also has a 180 degree extension stop

Stance control Knee Joints

The swing phase lock knee joint locks during stance phase of the gait cycle and is free during swing phase. The SPL is intended for patients with partialor total paralysis of the knee extensors and can be used as a KO or KAFO, with or without articulating ankle joints. It is not recommended for those with more proximal impairment of the hip musculature.

Hip Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis HKAFO

Hip Spika

 Hip Spika is used to prevent unwanted movement of the hip. It controls adduction, abduction, flexion and extension of the hip at any degree of range of motion.

LSO Hip Spika

LSO Hip Spika has extended leverage immobilization of the lumbosacral joint , Post-operative spinal situations, Post-operative hip replacement and pre-operative situations. We offer a wide range of hip joints depending on the patients need.

Static Hip Spica

 Static Hip Spika The static hip orthosis is predominantly utilized in cases where complete immobilization of the hip joint or lower spine is indicated.


 Reciprocation Gait orthosis LSHKAFO is comprised of a molded pelvic section that has 2 hip joints connected by cables. When one hip joint flexes the other extends. These are attached to bilateral KAFOs. This system allows the paraplegic to walk with a reciprocating gait.


Walkabout medial hinge HKAFO Reciprocating Orthosis is a new brace concept of Australian origin for paraplegia patients and similar cases. Walkabout has a reciprocating joint that is attached to the inner side bars of the lower extremities orthosis. In other reciprocating orthosis the joint is fastened on the outer bars in truanted-level. In Walkabout the pelvis-part is elastic, attaching to the reciprocating joint. The structure fits well under clothes and is comfortable to wear.